Special Day

I don’t know about you, but some things are hard to say goodbye to. Others represent a new found freedom or advances from as worse off place. This is a good thing!

Author: dharsch

Seeking pilgrm, Husband to a most true companion, father to 5, and user of opportunities.

3 thoughts on “Special Day”

  1. So great, Darcy! I had rears of JOY for you as I read this. Wishing you many more happy times in 2017!
    Love you all!

  2. Darcy, and whomever reads this: Because I’m such an understanding husband, I have to saddle up and help my wife out. In her reply above she said “rears of JOY”!!!! Now I know you might have also had “rears of JOY” when you said goodbye to that piece of equipment but she actually meant “tears of JOY”!!! So, you can take it either way!! From now on I will edit her comments.

    Uncle Bert

    1. Too precise Bert. You could have let that one slide and it would have been amusing and the intent assumed. From now on, slide on your rears.

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